Live on the pulse of the city? Then you are at the right place at Marburg Living!

We offer a Marburg experience like you couldn't have it better. The charming half-timbered house is one of the oldest houses in the city and thus offers a "real" stay in Marburg. From the outside it has the original character and fits perfectly into the cityscape of the Marburg upper town. If it is so original on the outside, you will find completely renovated rooms inside.

All apartments in this house are furnished and fully equipped with their own kitchen and bathroom. The listed windows were retained and raised to modern standards with the addition of double-glazed windows. Thus, the house offers a place to stay for quiet nights in a direct downtown location.

Benefit from our stay discounts: From 7 days you will receive a 15% discount, from 28 days even 20% discount on your booking.

During our discount weeks you get a discount of 15% with the coupon code: 2023